1 litre $54.95

Our easy to use pre-mixed Modern Milk Paint utilises modern technology to reproduce the authentic appearance of traditional milk paint. We’ve taken away the hassle of mixing it yourself by producing a thicker paint for amazing opacity, or simply dilute with some water to create a wash or stain. Our Modern Milk Paint delivers a soft, aged finish – perfect for the look you want to create. All our paints are safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly, making them ideal for painting furniture.

Simply ensure your piece is clean and free from peeling paint, dirt, dust, mould and grease. No need to sand or add bonding agent prior to application. Shake the tin well and stir with a broad flat stirrer. Use a good quality bristle brush and apply sufficient coats to achieve the required texture and coverage. Touch dry in 30 minutes, dry in 2 hours. Apply further coats until the desired finish is achieved. Sand back until you are happy with the finish and allow to dry thoroughly. Seal with a non-toxic topcoat from our Finishes range.

Seal MILK PAINT with....

100g $24.95

200g $40.00

A natural finishing topcoat, our Finishing Wax is made from Beeswax and Carnauba Wax. Easy to apply, your piece will be protected and sealed with a soft lustrous sheen.

Our Finishing Polyseal is a safe, odourless alternative to polyurethane. Your piece will be protected and sealed with a subtle satin finish.

250ml $24.95

Designed for ease of use, Liquid Wax penetrates and seals the surface of your completed piece. Shake well before use and apply with a lint free cloth or a brush. Allow 2 hours to dry and buff off. Liquid Wax will leave your piece with a soft silky sheen finish. It can also be used on bare wood surfaces. Apply along the grain and buff off as before. If your furniture piece gets scratched or damaged in some way, lightly sand back to remove any damage and reseal.

Liquid Wax - Made by Paint

250mls $24.95

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