RENDURA is a course textured medium that can be applied to most surfaces to achieve a variety of creative finishes. It’s versatility allows you to create the aged look of rustic stone, the modern look of concrete, or even a soft natural sand-swept look.



Prepare surfaces ensuring they are clean and free from dirt, grease and peeling paint|varnish. Apply a coat of Rendura directly onto the prepared surface using either a brush|trowel|scraper. Rendura can be diluted with a small amount of water to make application easier if required. The Rendura will be touch dry in 30 minutes depending on application thickness but will take a little longer to dry if it has been diluted. Recoat after 2 hours if required to achieve a variety of effects. Different application techniques can be carried out when Rendura is applied and the outcome will vary depending on which method is used.



'TEXTURED' RENDURA (Creative Finish)